Modern Fleet

Our continued commitment to invest in the most efficient, safe and modern vehicles on the road. Introducing the DAF XG+

Today, we are transitioning our fleet of DAF's to their new flagship XG+. Representing a new generation of efficient, attractive and comfortable vehicles.

The XG+ benefits from 10% higher fuel efficiency, low CO2 emissions and an unprecedented level of space. Partnered with all new tech, including a large infotainment system, apple car play / android auto, and satellite navigation built in.

This generation of DAF allow us to work around all areas of the globe without hesitation, knowing these vehicles are fully compliant with all current road regulations and strict emission standards.For a full spec sheet on the XG+ range, click here


See below the current trailers within our fleet

Mega Trailer

  • Capacity: 98.5m Volume
  • Height: 3.00m
  • Width: 2.50m
  • Length: 13.60m

Mega Curtainsider

  • Capacity: 86.6m Volume
  • Height: 3.00m
  • Width: 2.50m
  • Length: 13.60m

Modern Technology

Modern equipment fitted to all trucks

All vehicles are equipped with hands free mobile telephones and Satellite tracking with fleet management systems. The fleet is constantly being updated reflecting the quality of service offered to and expected by our customers